Everything is a Remix

Well, just about everything! Following on from my previous post about intellectual property called "Pirates Under Pressure", the below video is a great illustration of how even on its own terms - Hollywood and the big business entertainment industry fail to live up to their own standards. I present:

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

The above clip focuses on the movie industry where the point made is that:

"George Lucas collected materials, he combined them, he transformed them. Without the films that proceeded it, there could be no Star Wars. Creation requires influence, everything we make is a remix of existing creations, our lives and the lives of others."

What kind of world would it be if the above was not possible, because an individual can own ideas? Is this not what copyright and intellectual property supporters must defend? A world without Star Wars and so much more? (Edit: Oh wait, it appears George Lucas has turned to the dark side. I guess the possibility of a state granted monopoly privilege can do that to you).

The part one remix can be seen here, it is about music. There is also a better look at Kill Bill and the numerous influences Quentin Tarantino draws upon to make one of the top rating movies of all time.