Brisbane City Council Elections

On Saturday the citizens of Brisbane visited polling booths to elect their 'representatives'. Up for grabs in the local city election were Major, and numerous councillor positions for the various wards.

The end result was that Graham Quirk from the LNP was re-elected Mayor of Brisbane. The Liberal-National Party extended their lead by three seats to hold 18. The ALP holds five, an Independent one, and two (Northgate and Deagan) currently hang in the balance.

It is also interesting to note that,

"Tennyson Ward voters have ushered in Brisbane City Council's first independent councillor in 60 years. Councillor Elect Nicole Johnston ruffled LNP feathers when she quit the party in her first term going on to develop an extremely inharmonious relationship with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk."

Unimpressed with being forced to vote, some entrepreneurial minds got creative.