Socialist Playbook for Australia Day

The Australia Day checklist for the socialist left is now so predictable that it elicits a nation-wide rolling of the eyes.

And forgive me if I don't trust those advocating the above, when they state their apparent reasoning.

We know the left want to shut down any form of authority which proclaims to be above the authority of the state. Whether it be the family unit, private enterprise or, of course, God. Hence, I suspect the socialist left in Australia want to be rid of the Union Jack on our flag, not because it is a symbol of Britain, as they claim, but because it is a symbol of Christianity.

Remember, the Union Jack consists of the Cross of Saint Andrew, the Cross of Saint Patrick, and the Cross of Saint George. These are not jingoistic British nationalist symbols. Saint Andrew was a disciple of Jesus and the brother of Saint Peter. He was, of course, not British. He was a Middle Eastern Fisherman who was crucified on an X-shape cross. Saint George was a Greek, born in the Roman-controlled Middle East. St George's Cross has its origins in medieval times and it has been adopted on the coat of arms and flags of several countries and cities other than England, for example Georgia, Genoa, Montreal, Milan and Barcelona. Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is celebrated all over the world on St. Patrick's Day. Given the complexities and historical antagonisms between the Irish and British, Saint Patrick can hardly be considered a symbol of jingoistic British nationalism from which Australians should recoil.

With regard to the Republic, would it actually do anything to bolster Australia's sovereignty, or the liberty of it's people? If we look closely at the leading advocates of this and other constitutional changes, they are the most vicious opponents of Australia's sovereignty, and individual freedoms. Their arguments supporting the Republic on the basis of patriotism, should not be taken seriously. These arguments are merely convenient propaganda and the rhetoric quickly changes when they argue fervently that Australia give up its sovereignty to the United Nations and other international organisations, under international treaties for things like so-called "global warming" and the "law of the sea".

When someone says they want a new flag and a republic because they are patriots, but in the next breath say Australians ought to pay taxes to United Nations and accept global government, you ought to be suspicious. These people are not patriots, they are incrementalists, who will use whatever argument is available to them for each step.

P.S. This is what the Sydney Morning Herald is running on its front page.