The Australian Mises Seminar 2012

The first Australian Mises Seminar, in 2011, provided solutions for almost every conceivable problem that faces Australia.

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The first Australian Mises Seminar, in 2011, provided solutions for almost every concievable problem that faces Australia, and the world. In spite of this, politicians and mainstream media turned their backs, closed their eyes, covered their ears and pretended that rational alternatives to their absolute rule, still don't exist.

Unphased, unsurprised and unrelenting ... the organisers decided to do it all again.

The 2012 Mises Seminar was a great success, with 120+ attending to hear some very informative and entertaining speeches on material that the political and media establishment didn't want them to hear.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Walter Block, delivered five fantastic speeches, participated in a debate on business cycle theory with Dr. Stephen Kirchner, and answered endless questions, including a Q&A on any topic at the very end of the seminar. But that wasn't all. Dr. Block had dinner with a large group of seminar attendees, two nights in a row, and even went on a cruise of Sydney Harbour with everyone.

The other speakers were also great, delivering crucial information on a variety of topics related to economics and libertarianism.

With a second successful seminar now completed, the liberty message is perservering, and gaining momentum. The Organising Committee, with your help, is going to do everything in its power to make sure that momentum continues.



If you were unlucky enough to miss the seminar completely, or in part, keep an eye out for the 2012 Mises Seminar DVD which will be under production in the next month or two.


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2012 Mises Seminar Programme by Liberty Australia