• Blame the Greens for cost-of-living crisis

    The cost of living crisis in Australia, particularly in our major cities, is killing living standards and causing mental illness. Millions of Australians are struggling. Some families can’t afford to put the air conditioner on in the heat, nor the heater on in the cold. Servicing a mortgage is becoming impossible for an average wage earner.

    Professor of Economics at the University of Western Sydney, Steve Keen estimates that the minimum wage required to have some quality of life in Sydney is $150,000. Anything below $150,000 is Struggle Street for those trying to pay a mortgage in Sydney.
    The proportion of your salary, after tax, that is required to service a home loan (principal and interest) has gone from 20% of the average wage to 80% of the average wage. A single person cannot even consider taking out a mortgage in suburban Sydney these days.
    Think for a moment.
    Isn’t the natural progression that life get easier and things get cheaper over time?
    That’s how it used to be.
    Last century, new technologies and mass production meant life got progressively easier as time went by. Products became cheaper, and better in quality. Standards of living improved. Things like cars, TVs, fridges, washing machines, heaters, air conditioners and mobile phones meant that life was easier, than previous centuries. The resources used to produce these goods got cheaper because of technological advances in resource extraction. The average life expectancy went from 30 in the Middle Ages, to 80 in most western countries, and a single wage used to be able to support a large family.

    So why, in the past 40 years or so, did this situation suddenly change? Why did life start getting harder instead of easier? Why did housing, food and energy start getting dearer instead of cheaper?
    The answer is simple, environmentalist ideology, and its pervasiveness in state and federal government policy.
    Environmentalist ideology is killing the living standards of the Australian people and it must be rejected.
    On housing, land planning regulations done under environmentalist justification, are strangling land availability and causing house prices to skyrocket. There are land release and zoning regulations, land preparation regulations, development and building approvals and additional taxes and building regulations. All of these things have resulted in massive artificial increases to the cost of home ownership. All the government has to do to massively decrease housing prices, is to get out of the way. Stop interfering in the marketplace.
    On groceries, the federal government is using your tax-payer money to buy water from farmers, so they can pointlessly put it back into the river and let it flow into the sea. When farmers have less water, they produce less food. When that happens, food prices at the supermarket skyrocket, because supply reduces as demand increases, and we start having to import inferior food products from other countries.


    Electricity prices in parts of Australia have increased at nearly four times the rate of inflation over the last 5 years. In Sydney they have risen 61.3%. In Melbourne they have risen 56.8%. In Brisbane they have risen 50.7%.
    Australia has abundant sources of energy and yet we are paying more and more for electricity. State and federal governments are to blame. Renewable energy initiatives are hurting families because they push up the price of electricity and electricity generators are afraid to make new investments due to the “regime uncertainty” over a carbon tax, which produces the same effect.
    The (now former) Victorian Labor government costed a dam on the Mitchell River at $1.4 billion. Such a dam would have produced a massive amount of water. It then disallowed that option under “green” ideology, and built a desalination plant that, at a minimum, costs $5.7 billion and doesn’t produce as much water.
    In the last five years Australian households have had to pay up to 95% more for water bills, despite reducing the volume of water they are using. The price increase is due to government investment in unneeded expensive technologies, like desalination plants.
    Melbourne Water have opposed dams on the basis that global warming will reduce rainfall, making dams a pointless enterprise. Well, if you’ve been around Melbourne in the past few days, you’d know that we’ve had record rainfall unheard of for nearly 20 years.
    Unscientific environmental fanaticism, and the national Labor-Green alliance, are killing the basic living standards of all Australians, and are especially hurting the working poor, traditional Labor voters. All environmentalist policies must be rejected and expunged from government policy if we are ever to go back to a situation where life is getting easier, not harder.
  • The Australian Mises Seminar 2011

    Playlist of Entire Seminar

    As the Western world reeled from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, a group of Australians gathered in Sydney to make sense of it all.

    The Australian Mises Seminar is a celebration of all that made Australia great - free markets, peace, and individual liberty. Attending the inaugural event were 120 vibrant members of the remnant.

    The Seminar featured a line-up of renowned speakers, including Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe, whose ideas about the role of government changed forever the way many think about politics.

    This historic seminar put forward a sorely needed perspective not available from mainstream political parties or establishment think-tanks and universities.

    Ten other thought-provoking Austro-Libertarian speakers presented on various entertaining and contemporaneous topics which can be seen below in the beautiful seminar programme.



    The 2011 Mises Seminar DVD is avaliable for sale, with alot of extras.


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